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HECH® Caviar Collagen Capsules 120 capsules

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High density collagen capsules, packed with vitamins A, E, C and D – your
beauty essential that will nourish and help hydrate and rejuvenate your
skin and generally improve its health.

Just like your daily topical cosmetic skin beauty care, a complementary nutrient based internal beauty routine is key to achieve the best possible results in maintaining a flawless and radiant complexion. We have made it easy - with these densely packed beauty capsules that contain EVERYTHING NECESSARY to help you start and maintain a collagen ritual.

Caviar collagen capsules embody the advanced accomplishments of high density collagen technology. Experience the effect of 99% ultrapure marine collagen peptides filled into a single capsule without impairing its SENSITIVE MOLECULAR STRUCTURE. Enhanced with key essential beauty vitamins, these capsules are a perfect companion for your skin and connective tissue care regimen.

2,000 mg of marine collagen peptides, specially optimized to match the amino acid profile of human collagen. The special origin also makes the formula suitable for pork-free or meat-free lifestyles.

99% ultrapure peptides 4 targeted beauty vitamins

Vitamin A for cell repair and glowing skin, vitamin C for collagen formation and as an antioxidant, vitamin D for cell division and regeneration, vitamin E for glow and protection from oxidative stress.

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