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As a family business in its third generation, HECH today is defined by a leading team of in-house nutrition scientists and a multi-generational, culturally diverse staff with a passion for developing products that are relevant for evolving needs and lives.
Authenticity and sincerity guide all our decisions from people to product.

In distribution and communication we chose our partners based on shared values, and we always aim to win true believers.

At HECH we love what we do. Because your body is your only true luxury.


A specialized team of nutrient and science experts, who always remain close to the continuously evolving knowledge of biotechnological processes, human physiology and aging research have been at the core of our 30-year history of leading nutrition competence and the successful development of unique advanced beauty nutrition and beautiful aging products.


We believe that premium sourced materials are the key to ensure bio-availability, and thereby the efficacy of the ingredients that jointly weave into the nutrient matrix of each of our products. In fact, we love the magic of nature as the source of our signature active ingredients that we use to develop our products. They include ultra-purified marine (non-porcine/non-bovine) collagen, fresh water cultivated algae and caviar roe extracts from non-endangered species, specially processed extracts of plants and enzyme rich fruits. Most recently, science has enabled us to add the power of active compounds sourced from ultra-potent maqui berries and silver fir that have grown in the Valdivian rainforest and alpine mountain ranges. Since plant substances can differ in quality as widely as the environments they grow in, a selection process that ensures a controlled and sustainable origin, active ingredients and raw material are at the heart of our product  development.


We manufacture in Germany according to the highest international standards, including HACCP, GMP and IFS. All production processes are subject to multiple layers of control points and independent state certified laboratories. Advanced technological processes such as freeze-drying, biotechnological fermentation and high-density encapsulation safeguard the potency, bioavailability and stability of sensitive and highly active ingredients and phytonutrients.


HECH was established in the 1970’s when Eberhard and Gertrud Heidrich evolved their own respective family heritage in herb cultivation and Passion for handcraft manufacturing, dating back to the late 1800s, into a business around health and well-being.

Initially located in the Rhineland Palatinate low mountain range region of Westerwald, also known for its extensive vegetation and home of Germany’s first herb farm. Eberhard Heidrich sought to develop innovative nutrient products that went beyond vitamin and mineral supplements. Inspired and driven by special dietary requirements existing in their own family, they developed dairy and plant protein based formulations. In the 1990s, working ever closely with health experts, the company evolved its forefront protein expertise into a specialization in amino acid and collagen peptide based nutrition products.

The company’s family tradition was carried forward, when Frank and Rolf Heidrich, following 20 years of experience working in food retail and brand management in the USA,
Asia and the UK, took over the spearhead of the company. Moving the company to Germany’s revitalizing capital Berlin, and adopting an abbreviated four-letter version of the family name, HECH again advanced its pioneering lead in developing superior beauty supplements.


HECH cherishes a long-standing collaboration with Hotel Hope Ministries, an NPO organisation based in Johannesburg. Hotel Hope Ministries gives home to orphaned or abandoned children, supports them in finding an adoptive family or raises them on their own.

"Hotel Hope Ministries does not only give the kids a safe space / surrounding and a new home to live in - they sincerely welcome the kids and invite them to be part of a loving family. What touched me deeply and also inspired me, is that the kids are mostly from families with what I would call difficult backgrounds and have often experienced traumatic situations at their young age. Nonetheless the kids were heartwarmingly welcoming, outgoing, trustful and affectionate although they did not know me at all. I am more than thankful for the opportunity to have visited Oliver, CEO of Hotel Hope Ministries, his incredible team and the adorable kids in Johannesburg and have huge respect for the day to day work they are doing to give them not only a place they can call their home and feel comfortable and safe in, but most importantly a loving family, an education and the opportunity for a good and self-determined future."

More about Hotel Hope Ministries can be found here: