A specialized team of nutrient and science experts, who always remain close to the continuously evolving knowledge of biotechnological processes, human physiology and aging research have been at the core of our 30-year history of leading nutrition competence and the successful development of unique advanced beauty nutrition and beautiful aging products.


We believe that premium sources materials are the key to ensure bio-availability and thereby the efficacy of the ingredients that jointly weave into the nutrient matrix of each of our products. In fact, we love the magic of nature as the source of our signature active ingredients that we use to develop our products. They include ultra-purified marine (non-porcine/non-bovine) collagen, fresh water cultivated algae and caviar roe extracts from non-endangered species, specially processed extracts of plants and enzyme rich fruits. Most recently, science has enabled us to add the power of active compounds sourced from ultra-potent maqui berries and silver fir that have grown in the Valdivian rainforest and alpine mountain ranges. Since plant substances can differ in quality as widely as the environments they grow in, a selection process that ensures a controlled and sustainable origin and active  substances of ingredients and raw material are at the heart of our product  development.


We manufacture in Germany according to the highest international standards, including HACCP, GMP and IFS. All production processes are subject to a multiple layers of control points and independent state certified laboratories. Advanced technological processes such as freeze-drying, biotechnological fermentation and high-density encapsulation safeguard the potency, bioavailability and stability of sensitive and highly active ingredients and phytonutrients.