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About Collagen (products)


How collagen consumption works

Studies prove that specific collagen peptides can actually be detected as part of the skin and connective tissue after ingestion.

After consumption, collagen is broken down by digestive enzymes into smaller peptide fragments and free-form amino acids while passing through the small intestine.

These collagen protein building blocks are then absorbed and transported via the bloodstream to deeper skin layers, where they serve the body to build and regenerate skin and connective tissue cells.

What is a collagen product good for?

Collagen is omnipresent in our body. It confers both strength and elasticity to the connective tissue, the framework of the skin. Collagen makes cartilage flexible and resistant to physical stress. It also provides elasticity to our blood vessels and supports our internal organs.  

Thus, taking collagen can improve skin health, increase the strength of nails by preventing them from becoming brittle, and stimulate the growth of hair and nails. It can also build muscle mass, promote cardiovascular health, prevent bone loss and relieve joint pain.


Can collagen products be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding period?

Under normal circumstances, HECH dietary supplements, like all other foods, are safe for human consumption. However, since the health and nutritional particularities during pregnancy and lactation are very individual, we cannot give personal recommendations by law in such a case.

We ask for your understanding and advise you to consult with a doctor or nutritionist of your trust to optimally adjust the intake of HECH products to your special nutritional needs during pregnancy and lactation.

Are collagen products also suitable for men?

Definitely Yes!

Collagen can not only strengthen connective tissue and bind water, making the body and skin look firmer and more defined. This powerful nutrient is also a source of protein that helps build muscle mass, promotes cardiovascular health, prevents bone loss and relieves joint pain



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