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HECH® Hair & Nails Complex - 90 capsules

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As an advanced nutraceutical formulation, Hair and Nails Complex combines  essential amino acids and collagen peptides with plant polyphenols, key  minerals and B vitamins including D-Biotin – to help you be proud of your hair, nails and skin.

Brittle nails, thin hair and skin lacking glow may be signs of nutritional deficiency.  Deficiency can stem from not consuming the required amount or malabsorption of micronutrients. HAIR & NAILS COMPLEX addresses both by delivering a highly bio available nutrient formula containing the nutrients that are vital for hair and nails. The unique blend of marine collagen peptides with a special blend of amino acids provide essential building blocks.

Protein building blocks:L-cysteine, L-methionine, L-arginine amino acids - essential for the stability of keratin, the structural protein backbone of healthy hair and nails.  L-cysteine is able to interconnect between the microscopic keratin fibers to so called disulphide bridges providing for the very strong, resilient and yet flexible double helix of keratin.

Marine collagen peptides, specially optimized to match the amino acid profile of human collagen. The marine origin also makes the formula suitable for pork-free or meat-free lifestyles.

Polyphenols of specially selected green tea and grape seed extracts to help neutralize harmful free radicals, thus protecting against skin aging and increase cell renewal, which helps your skin stay elastic and healthy.

Vital minerals zinc to help improve and hair and nail strength, copper to support hair pigment melanin formation – which helps counteract the greying hair process and selenium as a powerful antioxidant.

Special B-Vitamin complex of niacin, pyridoxine, D-biotin, and pantothenic acid to help promote cell regeneration. Biotin is essential for forming keratin, the main component of healthy nail and hair cells.

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